We are both flower and leaves

‘What a marvelous disaster’ she said. ‘While we were running towards the sun we forgot to look around and breath the fresh air around us. We wanted to be free together and to know how flying feels like but instead of flying we found falling.’

‘Look at this’ he replied and pointed towards a large plant that was close to the bench where they were sitting. ‘Look at the leaves that are closer to the ground.’

‘What am I looking at?’ she said

‘You can see that those leaves are almost dried up, some completely fell of already.’


‘Now look a the top of the plant.’

‘A flower is blooming’ she remarked.

‘And the leaves close to it are green and look healthy. Maybe one day they will also be dry and maybe even fall completely off. All of the leaves have only one purpose though – to help the flower grow. To give her what she needs. To help her become wiser.
Some leaves will fall while others will become stronger and grow with the flower.’

‘Maybe we found falling towards the end’ he continued ‘but we also found happiness and warmth on the way and our hearts are just bigger now and ready for what’s coming next.’

‘We are both flower and leaves’ she said.




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