When disaster strikes and your world is crumbling

According to Murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong at some point or the other. In many cases, this is indeed the truth. We can’t control everything in life, even if we would wish it. One of the biggest difference between men, is how we cope with disappointments or with failures.

Some people stop their efforts at the first rock on the road, while others see it as a motivation to go further and transform each obstacle into a step. 

The difference between us is the way we are seeing life or in the way we understand what is happening to our efforts or plans.

We can sleep well at night if we think that the world is perfect and Karma is the power that spins the world, but as we see every day, this is not the case.

The solution is always the same, the solution is acceptance, that if something is not in our power to change, we have to accept it and move on. I am not talking of the idealistic concepts that everything is possible as long as we wish it or that we should not accept a “no” for an answer etc, etc, etc. I am talking about real life. Where a car is breaking down when you are on an Eurotrip, when due to an accident you can’t arrive at your sister’s wedding ceremony or when you scheduled a big event and you have to cancel it because of who knows what reason. I am aware that those are not life changing events that will haunt us for eternity, but the way the little things make our journey worth living, those little accidents can make it worst sometimes.

Life is not fair and it never will be. We have to accept it as it is and make the best out of it. Happiness is a self induced feeling but so is anger or what we feel when we are disappointed or experience failure.

 Stop promoting negativism in your life. I know it is not possible to be always in good spirit, but when disaster strikes, take a break, breath deeply and overcome it, no matter what it takes or how much time. Overcome it!

You have the power to do so. You always had.

Remember your past experiences and how much you have learned from them. Remember that when those happened, you felt that the word is crumbling under your feet. Time has passed since then and now you see them as experiences that forged your character. Keep that in mind each time a new problem appears. It will help you understand it and help you move on.

You have the key to everything. You are the God of your life.


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