All I ever wanted, was the world

We drift in this beautiful life as strangers in the woods on a forgotten road, never knowing which direction we should turn and as a consequence we almost never understand what we truly want; what our ultimate dreams are or what we should expect from the almost never ending tomorrow morning.

We start a school that doesn’t interest us very much. We work a job that pays the bill, but that we don’t enjoy. We live in a place that doesn’t suit our needs anymore. We love a person that only exists in our mind. We shoot blank bullets on dreams and goals.

This cannot go on anymore! We have to decide what we want in life, it will not go on forever. The years are passing and our white hair starts growing. We don’t have time to loose or to donate to misery. We have to decide.

I firmly decided. I realized that all I ever wanted was the world.

I want to have everything that this life has to offer. I want to stop dreaming and start doing. I want to love, to dance, to laugh, to wake up hangover on the beach just because I can. Just because life can offer us everything, we have to take everything.

Why should we live in a shadow, when we can get a tan in the sun? Why should we accept what is given or ‘written’ for us, when we can create everything that we want, reach all goals that we set up for us? Why should we embark in this journey and not decide where we want to stop or decide when it’s time to drift further?

We shouldn’t! We should be the ‘writers’ of our book, not society, not strangers, not even parents or friends. We! We are the ones that can choose if we want to live in happiness or rot in non-fulfillment. We decide if we live this life or if we let it pass by.

So go! Decide, realize, think and then go and start living it.


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