“I am who you want me to be tonight” you said

When I came back in the room you were already asleep in my bed, in a way that was picturing perfection. You were laying on your belly with one leg stretched and one widen on the rest of the bed, being covered only on a half of your stretched leg. The white skin of your naked body was shining like a brown diamond in the moonlight that was flooding the room through the large window.
I sat next to you on a chair and light up a cigarette, not being able to take my eyes off you. I didn’t want to make any noise, not to make this perfect picture move.

I remembered how you found me in that night, when you were searching for a drink companion, a dance partner, a rescuer.
When I was drifting through that place, searching for nothing, you stopped me on the way, took my hand and kissed me without saying nothing.

I didn’t know what was happening or why you kissed me, but because it was a good kiss I though that it would be better not to ask. I closed my eyes and went with the flow.
When you stopped kissing, I opened my eyes, when I heard you with your Western Latin accent: “Hey sweetie, I’m glad you made it!”.

I’ve seen then your eyes that were begging for understanding and the man that was standing next to you with a face that directly explained to me what was going on.

“Sorry love, I was held up at work, but I couldn’t leave you here alone” I answered.
Then I kissed you again and now, you were the one that was looking curiously at me, but you embraced me with your warm and fleshy lips.
We kissed for a few moments, eyes closed. When we opened them, the now, furious guy left.

“Thank you!” you told me “you can’t imagine from what you just saved me”.

“Then maybe it is better not to know. I am Vladislavovichi”.
“I am who you want me to be tonight” you said.

The lips that kissed me then, were moving slowly in your dreams now. I would have liked to touch them, but I knew that it would wake you up.
I finished my cigarette and let the blanket that was covering my bare body drop. With stealth moves I came next to you in the bed and united our naked bodies.

I felt a pleasant warmth when you flinched after I slowly kissed the back of your shoulder.



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