Every cloud has a silver lining


Your soul doesn’t get bigger as you get older. It looses size, but maybe wins quality.
Every time you meet someone you put a piece aside for that person and every moment you spend together or every word that you are addressing, goes to that little piece of yours.
When the time comes to say goodbye and to go on separate roads, she or he takes it with them. A little piece of you, a little piece of your petite soul.

You are feeling as it tears apart from yourself, slowly and prolonged sometimes or quick and abrupt with other occasions, but even though it’s sad, it’s not a painful rupture. It’s as if you know that it’s going to a good place and you feel that it will have a better usage in its new home. Let them take it, don’t oppose!

Maybe it is the only thing they need to grow or to evolve in life and perhaps the things they’ve learned from you and from your little part, brings them closer to being complete.
Sometimes it can be a little wisdom they take from you, a vivid account of friendship or perhaps just pure love and the being-there feeling is what they choose to put in their luggage when the time for departure and for going further on their road comes.
You cannot judge it, since you also took your share from them and from many others.
Your soul is a mosaic of small pieces, taken from all that are or were in your life journey.

So piece by piece; part by part you give and you take. That is your duty, to grow and to share, but most important, to learn from all the social interactions with the people we touch or which touched our soul in one way or the other, making it smaller and bigger, fuller and complete.




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