One night stands and other disasters

Everybody has it in it’s own way, let it be quick, long, powerful, gentle, animalistic, inspired, flexible, tantric or just savagely. We all like one night stands in all their forms and shapes, with all the pleasurable and teasing events that bring us to bed.

Sometimes however, we become selfish and forget to think about that gorgeous face next to us.
We tend to go for the short 50 meters win and forget that an athlete is getting warmed up only after a few stadium laps. We tend to ignore the truth, that the best experiences are made in two.

Sex is not all about fucking or about that fleshy lust with which we have to live every day. Sex is about the two people that let themselves be consumed by the ardent flame of passion. Sex is all about feeling that flame which burns the body and warms the soul.

So let it burn yours and go touch her body with all the experience that you had before her, but with the excitement of touching a woman’s body for the first time. With her yearning shapes, her soft skin and her graceful hair.

You should put all the passion that you poses into it, feeling that all your past experiences prepared you for that night. Make her feel as she should. Beautiful. Sexy. Powerful. Dominant. Humble.
Treat her as the princess that she was in public and as the lioness that she is in bed.

Be the man she dreamed of. The confident and well spoken bastard. The crazy and lovely animal.

Kiss her beautiful lips as if those are the last ones that you’ll ever touch and as if that kiss would last forever. Kiss her as if you run out of oxygen and kissing her is the only thing keeping you alive. Play with her lips and kiss her good. Kiss everything.

Don’t fake all this, but feel it. People are finding love at first sight sometimes and that makes them leave for home together. It happens.
If you are not that lucky however, just look in the mirror of her soul, look in the depth of her eyes. Look deep and long; you’ll see the perfection of the moment. You’ll see how everything around you becomes numb and how you’re just living for that unequalled moment. See it clearly, feel it totally and love it, she will do same.

Make her feel unique. Make her feel loved. Make her remember you in that moment.

Touch her skin and kiss it gently after you’re done. Take and hold her in your arms while you sleep. She will like it and you will do the same.

Do all this and you won’t be “that guy that I had a one night stand with”. You will be remembered as “the guy from that incredible night”. Maybe she’s coming back. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe love is born from the moment that lives in eternity in your eyes. Maybe…



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