Go for Happiness

I found and lost happiness too many times in my life. I reached one point when I started asking myself if it really exists or if it’s just a self-induced experience, caused by various reasons, feelings or actions.

If you would watch yourself in the mirror now and think of what makes you happy, I’m sure you’ll find at least three things that pop up quickly in your head.

I’m certain that among them is love, family or friends, since they are the main promoters of happiness.
But you also know that the little things in life, like a tasteful meal, a beautiful sunset or something as simple as a vivacious song, bring also joy and put a smile on your face. So what is happiness in the end?
Many of our poets, writers, painters or artists tried on numerous occasions to define it and the definition was each time accurate…for them.

You however, have a different definition, a unique definition. You need to find out which one suits you best, which of all the crazy and beautiful things in this word bring you happiness and which don’t. You need to try out everything in your reach. Embrace change!

Once that definition is clear for you, you can’t go wrong anymore.
What I’m trying to say is that humans are creatures of habit, so why not make a habit of the things that make you happy and lose the habits of the things that make you miserable?
Why not think of the future and live in the present instead of contemplating on the past?

Just go for it! Go for the dream you always had; go for the crazy sport that you always wanted to do; go kiss that gorgeous woman; go for the man that’s out of your league. Just go for it and go for all!

In my case, after it found me in so many shapes and in so many things, I know for sure that it exists in the purest way of thinking, but I also found out that I alone am the master of my happiness and even if sometimes I’m losing it…I always find it again.

I also think that this endless pursuit of joy keeps us going on, moving forward, setting expectations, making us wake up in the morning and by being the main core of our life, is the only thing that we seek and desire at the end of the day.

It’s what we live for!

The Spectrum for Happiness- Leonid Afremov


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