I’ve been told that sincerity, good manners, evolving and jumping over limits, are habits of the former generations because ours changed.

Now we should show off with everything that we hope to have or be in a few years, always speaking, even if we have nothing to say; go out just to see other people that are watching other people; have conversation that are never more complicated than the usual weather talk and most of all be as simple as it can get, so you are easy to be understood by all jellyfish-minded folks.

Well my dear Sir’s, I strongly disagree with you !!

If we are showing a fake being, lying, cheating to ourselves, we already lost the game before it started. The best cards, are those on the table in my opinion.
So speak up your mind, my friend…what she’s really yelling.

As far as I remember, going out was meant for dancing your soul out with your friends and possible “more than friends” friends, leaving the club all sweaty and exhausted. And not for a “let’s see what other people are doing” session. What the hell are you doing? Fell the music, dance the music, beat up the Dj if he’s playing shity music, but do not lay like stoned zombies with one glass in your hand and the other occupied with being in your pocket. We are dancers after all.

We are as social as a species can probably get, but nonetheless we have the liberty to choose a circle, in which we can find our rain dance and bring out the storm and imagine…even going out of the gym talks…crazy huh??

And don’t you dare to be simple! Be complicated, divers, multilayered and as colorful as possible. Don’t take the same identity as of those around you…be different.

So go…blow some steam out, think about it a bit…leave the shirt hanging, take your sneakers on and go have fun, dance and meet other colorful people.



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