The Techno addiction

I’m the type of guy that you’ll see wherever music plays, dancing with my hands, feet and whole body.
If I hear music, my body starts to move without being told, so I dance on almost anything…Hip Hop, DnB or Samba…it doesn’t matter, it was always the same.

But everything changed a few years ago, when it was the first time that I put my shades on, after the sun set and entered a tent full of thousands of beats-hungry people. Before I realized what was happening, I found myself in front of a god with a turntable, playing sounds that you probably could hear in heaven.

The god was Richie Hawtin at the Sunwaves festival and the beats sang Techno.
It was the place to be!! Standing just a few meters away from the stage, with beautiful people all around, with their hands in the air screaming happiness, smiling love and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

I don’t know how it happened, but it was love from the first beat that touched my eardrum and I know I’m not the only one who experienced it…once you dance Techno, you can’t stop and you are hearing and feeling the bass even now…after the music stopped, long ago.

I guess you can compare Techno dancing with a car engine in the winter…it takes some time to warm up.
Everything is starting with your feet, by moving from one to the other…and step by step you feel your head starting to move up and down.

By now the water that you drank starts taking it’s effect and you are already with your hand in the air, cutting it down…from back to front and front to back.
You need only one more thing…put your sunglasses on, close your eyes and let the music take control of you.

Call it love…call it magic…call it whatever you like…I call it freedom…and happiness…and joy.
Once my engine is warm and the shades are where they should be, I can’t stop for a long time and always want more and more!

Techno feels like running and the DJ drags you after the beat that he is waiting to drop…running from problems, commitment, job, sadness, all the strings are gone….it’s just me, my moves and the music.

In Techno it’s all about synchronizing your body with the music, making it whole and a perfect unity.
I sometimes fell that I can see the sounds in front of me so I’m taking one and dance it, then I let it go for someone else from the back to move it further. But those are the little sounds that we are dancing as good as possible, just helping the tension to increase, tension which you can see in everyone around, the tension of knowing whats going to happen.

The same way as a bubble is filled with watter until it can’t take no more, the beat is being held by the DJ as long as possible, filling it with the moves and screams of the crowd…and when the moment comes when he can’t hold it any more, he drops the beat!!
It floods everything around you and you are set free. Take it…it’s yours!!!

As nothing in life is free, Techno also has a price…it’s addictive as hell !! Once you dance it, you can never stop.

It’s my drug and I love it !!!

Fuse Sunset Party


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