In this life or in the next one

I searched for your face in a thousand lives and in a million places. I searched for your smile in the dark of moonlight and in the bright of sunlight. I searched for your laughter on the peaks of mankind, on the top of mountains and on the bottom of oceans.

I found you a few times, in different forms and faces…once you were a kiss…once you were a touch…once you were the wind whispering your name and sometimes you are just a beautiful flower that remembers me what your skin feels like.

Each time we meet, you taught me something new. In the beginning you showed me how beautiful life is, then you showed me how to be happy and once you showed me what nature feels like…you made me feel, touch and breath love…but then you also taught me how difficult it is to hold on to each other and how hard it is to let go.

You changed your shape each time I’ve seen you, but you are never changing your essence nor do you change the signs that show me that its you.

Whoever you are now, wherever you are now…wait for me! I will find you again…in this life or in the next one!!



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