Beats and words (Part I)

She felt a sudden pain in her forefinger and by looking at her hand she sees drops of blood pouring out of it, so she instinctively brings her finger in her mouth, then spits the blood out like a lady.

She was so stressed, that she failed to notice the spine in the plant she was carelessly playing with.

The short pain was like a wake up call that pulled her out of her deep thoughts and even if she was staying there for more than ten minutes, it was the first time she acknowledged the breathtaking beauty of the botanic garden.

Five feet away from her, was a small pond of an incredible blue water filled with yellow and purple water lilies, that were wide open, as they usually are just before the night sets in.

It was now impossible for her to ignore the powerful smell of the Chocolate Cosmos flowers that were fifty meters away from here, pilled up in a huge bush.
She could spot their reddish brown color from where she stood and it instantly brought the memory of their trip to Mexico from two months ago in her mind. The last time they’ve seen each other.

She remembered her amazement of the flowers glamor and the incredible perfume that it’s possessing. She reached out to touch the blossom then, but he stopped her just in time and told her about the poison that hides in its beauty.

She was constantly amazed at how many things he knew; she didn’t even know that the plant existed and he was aware of its poisonous secret.

She loved their time in Mexico…the most of it at least. It was not very often that he came with her on tour, since his business didn’t allow it.

He was chief editor and owner of a publishing house, business that he started 4 years ago, just before they met, and transformed it into one of the biggest in the country. He struggled a lot with it, but faith smiled on him and he was lucky enough to discover two great authors, print their books and sell millions of copies.

Back in Mexico, she was scheduled to play at three big events in the course of two weeks, so they decided to make their annual vacation there.

She was one of the industries top ranking techno DJ’s and in her ten years career, she brought many innovations and impossible new sounds on the market, which made her an international star with many gigs all around the year and all around the world.

When they met in Mexico she was coming from Eastern Europe, where she stayed for almost two months, as was usually the case when she went on tour.

In the airport, since he arrived earlier, he was already waiting to surprise her at Terminal 2 with flowers and a huge heart shaped balloon, on which was written “Where’s my beat?”.

When she laid her eyes on him, she ran like a goofy child towards him and kissed and hugged him for a very long time, making it difficult for the other passengers to exit the tunnel, in the middle of which they were standing .

Love was never their problem. They were made one for the other and each time they were apart, they felt like half of everything is missing from their day to day life. But when they met after a long period they both felt like a supernova star of happiness is exploding on their hearts.

At night, on the same day, she was scheduled to play at a huge event on the Mexico City Arena, among other big names of the music genre.

He was waiting backstage patiently, impersonating her biggest groupie, until she made desperate signs towards him, to join her on the stage. At first he refused, but since she insisted he went.

He never seen something similar or close to this!
The stadium was filled with around 80.000 people, that were all screaming happiness, with their hands in the air and with crazy shaped sunglasses on, even if it was 4 in the morning and more dark then light.

“I wanted you to see and experience this, so you can understand why I’m doing music and keep performing” she tells him by moving close to his ear.
She then kisses him with all her passion that only he can pull out of her, keeping one hand behind his neck and with the other pushing down a button that dropped the bass for the hungry crowd.
They exploded at that sound, with loud cheering screams and clapping hands…the unique sound of 80.000 people in euphoria…
“Here is your beat, love” she says to him with a huge smile on her lovely face.

To be continued…



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