There was a man



There was a man, not happy but neither miserable. He had never known happiness, never felt love…he had never seen the true excitement of life!

He struggled with a job that offered him nothing except tips for the fairies of drunken nights…he was well paid, but extremely poor tough.

He had only one true friend devised in twenty, felt no touch that fitted his tastes which he didn’t knew and had no dream or goal for his future.

He couldn’t ask for more! Since he has never known what the adventure has to offer, he could not possible desire more!

He was living in ignorance, drifting trough life, like a wreck after a shitty storm…not knowing where he’s going…just letting the word to drag, push or beat him somewhere.

But in one night everything changed!

It was one dance, one song and one gorgeous smile that showed him in a minute, everything he’s never seen before.

Now he wants to feel more, to see more, to hold more, to taste a beautiful peppermint tasting mouth and explore all deeps of this new thing of his…living, breathing, feeling.

He thinks now, that he has been living like sleeping with one eye open…seeing but not doing, touching but not feeling and liking but not loving.

He can’t possible understand what happened that night and how come he metamorphosed from a butterfly to a flying elephant with white stripes!!

He blames the kiss from that night tough. The unique kiss that was never kissed before…when two lovers meet their mouths for the first time, each of them coming with their own exclusive luggage, and when colliding a Big Bang blows their minds.

But yet, the man that was, didn’t knew that this was just the beginning of his adventure!

He’s now floating in the vibrant world that surrounds him, seeing now in color after living so much time in a black and white universe.

He laughs, he sings, he touches, he kisses, he is ecstatic, jubilant and overjoyed but most of all he dreams…he dreams of his goal to live in constant happiness!!


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