Până-n șinele albe


Am rămas mult timp plouat pe bancă în gara aia blestemată, unde ți-am văzut ultima dată privirea si unde ți-am mirosit pentru ultima dată părul.

Nu știu dacă iți mai amintești, dar când am ieșit din vagon, am venit la geamul tau și am pus mâna pe el într-un gest ce îl credeam melodramatic atunci, dar după aceea am simțit paradoxul cănd am văzut trenul ce se pune în mișcare și pleacă din gară, la fel cum ai plecat tu din viața noastră…lăsând loc doar pentru unu.

Nici nu mai știu cât a trecut de atunci…ani…luni…sau câte zile s-au scurs pe lângă noi făra să le mai dam vreo importanță.

Câteodată cred că timpul a stat în loc si că incă aș putea să sar într-o mașină, să o alerg până în următoarea gară…să te car in brațe jos din tren și sâ nu te mai las să pleci.

Dar sunt celălalte zile când realitatea dură mă trantește la pământ și îmi spune că totul e pierdut, iar tu ești demult ajunsă la destinația unde degetele mele nu mai pot ajunge să ți se joace in păr sau să te tragă înapoi in pat într-o dimineață friguroasă.

Am căutat să văd cât mai multe chipuri, ca doar poate poate nu o să iți mai caut zâmbetul ce mă imbrățișa in fiecare dimineața sau ochii tai mari si aproape negri ce mă țineau de mână când imi spuneai să fug la duș ca tu rămâi in pat.

Dar cu cât văd mai multe chipuri, cu atât il caut mai mult pe al tău și când vad că nu îl găsesc mă retrag fără a da vreo explicație.

Am învățat împreună ce înseamnă fericirea și cum poate fi gasită și susținută…chiar dacă mâna mea nu te mai găseste pe pernă, când incă te caută, acele lucruri mărunte despre care vorbeam atât de des…le găsesc peste tot. Cu toate că nu mai alerg ca un nebun după fluturi uitați prin stomac, intâlnesc mereu licurici ce îmi luminează calea.

Viața ne-a schimbat mult de atunci, dar promisiunea de a fi mereu panda împreună, încă îmi arde in urechi și poate câteodata o mai auzi și tu…cand vezi elefanții zburatori sau plisnăii ascunși prin pădure.

O parte din mine a rămas pe banca din gara aia blestemată.Am fost de multe ori să o iau din ploaie și să o aduc acasă…dar îmi spune mereu că până nu revii, ea nu pleacă.



There was a man



There was a man, not happy but neither miserable. He had never known happiness, never felt love…he had never seen the true excitement of life!

He struggled with a job that offered him nothing except tips for the fairies of drunken nights…he was well paid, but extremely poor tough.

He had only one true friend devised in twenty, felt no touch that fitted his tastes which he didn’t knew and had no dream or goal for his future.

He couldn’t ask for more! Since he has never known what the adventure has to offer, he could not possible desire more!

He was living in ignorance, drifting trough life, like a wreck after a shitty storm…not knowing where he’s going…just letting the word to drag, push or beat him somewhere.

But in one night everything changed!

It was one dance, one song and one gorgeous smile that showed him in a minute, everything he’s never seen before.

Now he wants to feel more, to see more, to hold more, to taste a beautiful peppermint tasting mouth and explore all deeps of this new thing of his…living, breathing, feeling.

He thinks now, that he has been living like sleeping with one eye open…seeing but not doing, touching but not feeling and liking but not loving.

He can’t possible understand what happened that night and how come he metamorphosed from a butterfly to a flying elephant with white stripes!!

He blames the kiss from that night tough. The unique kiss that was never kissed before…when two lovers meet their mouths for the first time, each of them coming with their own exclusive luggage, and when colliding a Big Bang blows their minds.

But yet, the man that was, didn’t knew that this was just the beginning of his adventure!

He’s now floating in the vibrant world that surrounds him, seeing now in color after living so much time in a black and white universe.

He laughs, he sings, he touches, he kisses, he is ecstatic, jubilant and overjoyed but most of all he dreams…he dreams of his goal to live in constant happiness!!

It was her eyes



The pure glance of the light inside them, the warmth and the beautiful color caught his attention as she entered the room.

A moment, a fraction of a second…he could have watch in a different direction, at a waiter passing by, a woman raising her voice or just at a buddy asking for a lighter. But he didn’t!! Their eyes met and everything became silent for that moment.

He seen them once and he would have wanted to never stop seeing them.
It wasn’t her beautifull face or the curly hair that run along it, nor her flaming red lips which where in perfect symphony with her white and delicate skin…it was her eyes that caught his attention!

Without thinking he jumps of his chair, making it fall in the process and starts fighting with the dancing crowd to reach her.
Once he does, he stays in front of her with a cool and confident calm, not showing that his heart is racing like being on steroids.

“I don’t know who you are, what your name is, what your favorite color is or if you prefer tea, coffee or whiskey in the morning…the only thing I know is that I would give you all my time in exchange for yours, to tell me all about it”

“Time is one’s most precious possession, cause once it comes to the end, is the one thing that we are totally missing” she said in a vivacious voice and started walking past him, but not without giving a smile that could warm him for a winter week.

With a stupid look on his face he stays put, not knowing if he should be offended or to love her for the answer.

Perplexed and with a strange feeling he returns to his mates to continue enjoying drinking their brains out.
He spends a while trying to understand what his friends were speaking off and why the barman was put to a new elaborate task…but his mind was with her eyes and refused to come back.

He knows that a “no” means sometimes “maybe” or in some of the luckier cases “yes”, so he storms from his chair again in the search of his Holly Grail.

It wasn’t a huge place, but being so crowded, the odds of seeing one particular person again where low as my pay check.

Nevertheless…hope is the one thing of abundance in the heart of a lover and failure is never considered.
It took a while to make a tour and another one and another one…until his hope changed in despair and then in a bitter disappointment.

Because his cheerfulness left the door the moment he stopped searching for the calling glance he shortly seen, he decides to call it an early night so he can fight another day.

It was a warm night with a huge bright moon shining over his head, which made it as nostalgic as a night can get, fact that helped his disappointment, so he blows the air from his lungs as in deep grief when he hears a noise that makes him forget all his toughs and put his heart back on the racetrack.

“Hey, time boy!!” she said smiling from the other side of the street.
She was standing in full moonlight, with her back against the wall as if waiting for something, which made her skin shine like a polished pearl and painted the fine lines of her face in shade, but it was her eyes that made him shiver again.

Before he could reply, she continued:
“I drink coffee in the morning and whiskey in the night and since we are between the boarders of both of them, you can choose what we should drink. My time is precious but it’s like music…it is not about the notes but all about the timing”.

They shared the night in all it’s beauty, slowly learning the power of time and the depht that one can find by looking in the other’s eyes, connecting mind and soul.

She later told him that it was his eyes that made her wait for him.