It’s not something that’s defined!! You don’t know which are the fine criteria that pull you towards or push you away…you don’t know which are the boundaries that compel you to be stoic or to jump over the fence.

Attraction is a blurred feeling that can never be defined in words or in expression of the mind…the only available expression is that of the action.
We feel…we act!!

But we don’t even know what our standards are!  We have some of the former experiences and partners in mind, but if we are asked to define the lines of our perfect partner in crime, we will do a very poor sketch.

That’s normal…since the mind and soul are blind until experience opens their eyes.

But it seems that attraction is one of our basic feelings that never fail to appear when we are seeing our markers.
We see a smile, a movement, a hand or just her…then the attraction jumps in and brings us in the jumping fences mood.

You are consuming a night of joy in a loud silence and are expressing the moment in the beats of your body language and when the two magnetized souls are giving themselves away to the ardent flame that consumes them, the attraction process is complete.

Even if some attractions end up at the beginning in a pleased unfortunate night, one must not forget that a battle is never lost until the final bell rings!


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